PyOpenWorm.data_trans.neuron_data module

class PyOpenWorm.data_trans.neuron_data.NeuronCSVDataSource(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.data_trans.csv_ds.CSVDataSource

BibTeX files : DatatypeProperty

Attribute: bibtex_files

List of BibTeX files that are referenced in the csv file by entry ID

CSV file name : DatatypeProperty
Attribute: csv_file_name
Header column names : DatatypeProperty
Attribute: csv_header
CSV field delimiter : DatatypeProperty
Attribute: csv_field_delimiter
File name : DatatypeProperty
Attribute: file_name
Description : DatatypeProperty

Attribute: description

Free-text describing the data source

Input source : ObjectProperty

Attribute: source

The data source that was translated into this one

Translation : ObjectProperty

Attribute: translation

Information about the translation process that created this object

class PyOpenWorm.data_trans.neuron_data.NeuronCSVDataTranslator(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.data_trans.csv_ds.CSVDataTranslator

Input type(s): PyOpenWorm.data_trans.neuron_data.NeuronCSVDataSource

Output type(s): PyOpenWorm.data_trans.data_with_evidence_ds.DataWithEvidenceDataSource



alias of NeuronCSVDataSource


alias of PyOpenWorm.data_trans.data_with_evidence_ds.DataWithEvidenceDataSource


Notionally, this method takes a data source, which is translated into some other data source. There doesn’t necessarily need to be an input data source.