PyOpenWorm.channelworm module

class PyOpenWorm.channelworm.ChannelModel(modelType=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.dataObject.DataObject

A model for an ion channel.

There may be multiple models for a single channel.

Example usage:

# Create a ChannelModel
>>> cm = P.ChannelModel()
# Create Evidence object
>>> ev = P.Evidence(author='White et al.', date='1986')
# Assert
>>> ev.asserts(cm)

The conductance of this ion channel. This is the initial value, and should be entered as a Quantity object.


The gating mechanism for this channel (“voltage” or name of ligand(s) )


The type of ion this channel selects for


The type of model employed to describe a channel

class PyOpenWorm.channelworm.HomologyChannelModel(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.channelworm.ChannelModel

class PyOpenWorm.channelworm.PatchClampChannelModel(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.channelworm.ChannelModel

class PyOpenWorm.channelworm.PatchClampExperiment(reference=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.experiment.Experiment

Store experimental conditions for a patch clamp experiment.

Ca_concentration : DatatypeProperty

Calcium concentration

Cl_concentration : DatatypeProperty

Chlorine concentration

blockers : DatatypeProperty

Channel blockers used for this experiment

cell : DatatypeProperty

The cell this experiment was performed on

cell_age : DatatypeProperty

Age of the cell

delta_t : DatatypeProperty
duration : DatatypeProperty
end_time : DatatypeProperty
extra_solution : DatatypeProperty
initial_voltage : DatatypeProperty

Starting voltage of the patch clamp

ion_channel : DatatypeProperty

The ion channel being clamped

membrane_capacitance : DatatypeProperty

Initial membrane capacitance

mutants : DatatypeProperty

Type(s) of mutants being used in this experiment

patch_type : DatatypeProperty

Type of patch clamp being used (‘voltage’ or ‘current’)

pipette_solution : DatatypeProperty

Type of solution in the pipette

protocol_end : DatatypeProperty
protocol_start : DatatypeProperty
protocol_step : DatatypeProperty
start_time : DatatypeProperty
temperature : DatatypeProperty
type : DatatypeProperty