PyOpenWorm.bibtex module

class PyOpenWorm.bibtex.BibTexDataSource(bibtex_file_name, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.datasource.DataSource

Description : DatatypeProperty

Attribute: description

Free-text describing the data source

Input source : ObjectProperty

Attribute: source

The data source that was translated into this one

Translation : ObjectProperty

Attribute: translation

Information about the translation process that created this object

class PyOpenWorm.bibtex.BibTexDataTranslator[source]

Bases: PyOpenWorm.datasource.DataTranslator

Input type(s): PyOpenWorm.datasource.DataSource

Output type(s): PyOpenWorm.datasource.DataSource

URI: None


alias of BibTexDataSource


Notionally, this method takes a data source, which is translated into some other data source. There doesn’t necessarily need to be an input data source.[source]

Split author field by ‘and’ into a list of names.

Parameters:record (dict) – the record.
Returns:dict – the modified record.
PyOpenWorm.bibtex.bibtex_to_document(bibtex_entry, context=None)[source]

Takes a single BibTeX entry and translates it into a Document object


Use some functions delivered by the library

Parameters:record – a record
Returns:– customized record
Parameters:record (dict) – the record.
Returns:dict – the modified record.